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We Love Stories

We just finished We Love Stories |2| dedicated to WOMEN.

We deeply thank our technicians, volunteers, and artists for this wonderful week of storytelling, theatre, and dance performances. We heard ancient myths and folk tales, polyphonic songs, poetry, and personal stories, we saw visual performances and dance pieces that celebrated women in motherhood and in love, talked about their relationship with time and their bodies, spoke of gender violence, and reflected on the place of women in modern family and society.

We live in a moment of history where every single day 137 women across the world are killed by a partner or member of their own family, where in Islamic states we kill women for not wearing properly a veil, where the right to abortion is being denied to women even in western countries that call themselves democracies. 

We pray for a world with more love, more justice, more equity, and more respect for diversity. We call for no more gender violence and gender discrimination, no more #Zak crimes, no more #MashaAmini crimes and no more fear for anyone to express freely their sexual identity.

Thank you all for accompanying us on the We Love Stories journey. 


Christina Kyriazidi 

Founder & Festival Manager

«We Love Stories»

Chania, 03.10.2022

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IG: @welovestoriesfestival


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theatre performance by and with 

Christina Kyriazidi 

Athens 2023

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